bool(false) fault accusations from VSA

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 fault accusations from VSA

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fault accusations from VSA Empty
PostSubject: fault accusations from VSA   fault accusations from VSA Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 7:49 am

today i had to deal with an accusation that from the first moment i didnt believed it was true .....
nevertheless i had to examine the whole situation to be sure i do the right thing!!

check out the following dialogue .....

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 02:16:59
message MorbidAngel | Subject: (report)
Hi friend Smile i need to tell you that your admin Mar-ah is attacking my member minimum 2x per day and recently when he found out that my member is saving gold for items attacked him 3 x , please sort this with him, cause as we spoke and agree last time between our clans are diplomatic agreement about not farming our members so its only 1 attack per day fine not more then that ... thanks in advance MorbidAngel

i sent a message to my friend Ma-ah at once .....and he sent me the proves to his false accusations Smile


Sun, 01.11.2009 - 11:22:51
Message to MorbidAngel | Subject:
"Please dont misunderstood me for what i am about to ask you to do .... has your clan mates sent you any battle reports to prove the seconds attacks per day? because i always do that with my members and i always ask for the links of their messages for example .....

with this way i know they don't lie as they cant change the reports!!! Wink if you know what i mean Wink so please my friend check out the proves you have from your members before you accuse mine with my respects Gorgo "

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 14:26:29
message MorbidAngel | Subject: (report)
Just to say for start that player who was under attacks is one of most loyal player of our clan so about honesty i dont want even to talk in this case ... Also he was collecting gold to buy item from me , so i know that he had problems with attacks and how many gold he lost, so no need for this sort of talk. In our clan respect and honesty is must thats our internal politics. So please reconsider this issue with your member again. thank you in advance MorbidAngel

i knew they wouldnt admit their false so i tried to let her accept her false in a "gentle way" javascript:emoticonp('Wink')

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 14:40:56
Message to MorbidAngel | Subject:
i also know that Mar-ah is my number one loyal member and my message was to show you that i have proves for those accusations intention wasnt to insult you or you members ....but you know something? from my experience many times we misunderstood things ...and in our case i dont want that to happen !... that is why i always ask from my members proves for their accusations before i do my moves .... please take my messages as friendly advises and lets just cool down things is in our hands ...dont you agree ?

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 14:50:47
message MorbidAngel | Subject: (report)
If i was not sure that my member is saying truth, for sure will not contact you about this problem, cause i like fair play and honesty. I hope that in future will be respected 1 attack per day, cause VSA is not farming Sparta but we will not also accept that our members are farmed by no one that is for sure. You know that im always for diplomacy but also we are very protective towards our clan members, and functioning all for one Smile So from our side diplomacy will stay towards Sparta clans but we will have open eye for future attacks that are more then 1 per day. MorbidAngel

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 14:54:12
Message to MorbidAngel | Subject:
you have my word that if you ever have any future issues with second attacks per day ..... the time you will sent me the battle reports the next i will punish the Spartan who will do that ...even if it is me !!! you have always my respects Gorgo

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 14:57:06
message MorbidAngel | Subject: (report)
Ok friend thats very honorable from your side and i respect that as attitude Smile you show true willing for diplomacy have good day MorbidAngel

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 15:09:20
Message to MorbidAngel | Subject:
have a great day you too Smile

Sun, 01.11.2009 - 15:11:19
message MorbidAngel | Subject: (report)
thanks Smile)

i know that some of you will say " this was unfair !!! "they didnt admit their mistake!!!" etc.....
the truth is my friends that i know them for many years since our founder Chronis was in a war with them ....i also know that for VSA was a very big and painful step to agree and accept our one attack per day rule ....that is why i wanted in a clever ( in my opinion ) and diplomatic way to show them that although i proved they are wrong ....i give them the chance to be more careful next time they accuse us again!!!
apparently they didnt know that we "Sartans" have very strong and reliable bonds to each other Wink

i always try to do my best
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fault accusations from VSA
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